Man Who Believes That Reptiles Rule The World Wants To Know Why Sega Thinks He's A 'Controversial Figure'

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Dear David Icke,

I see you're wondering why Sega thinks you're a controversial figure. You're holding an event called the Great Gathering of Consciousness in which you will spend nine hours telling an audience how to free themselves from the moon, and you're wondering why Sega won't let you use one of their songs from Total War.


"So it is fine and non-controversial for them to use war as entertainment for the young and others, with all the potential impact on their minds and perceptions about war and violence, but not okay to use a song to which they own the rights to call for people to stop killing each other in crazy wars," you wrote. "That would never do because I am a 'controversial figure'. Tut, tut."

You then posted a few e-mail addresses of Sega employees and asked for the world to circulate your letter far and wide. Tut, tut indeed.


Now first off, I'm Jewish, which of course according to you means that I am a reptile. And a member of the Illuminati. And part of a global conspiracy designed to destroy freedom and everything it stands for.

But still, as an objective writer and observer, let me suggest some reasons that Sega might think you are a controversial figure:

Therefore we can infer that Sega is run by Jew Demon Reptile Lizard People who are teaming up with Agent Smith to keep you quiet and submissive by not letting you use their song because they're controlled by Satan's power and their goal is to defeat you, the son of god, before you can expose the moon's evil plans once and for all. Hope that helps!


Total War game producer Sega blocks use of anti-war song at Wembley Arena during call for people to stop killing each other because they don't want to be associated with 'controversial figure' David Icke [David Icke via RockPaperShotgun]

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How is this man any different from any other who believes in a God and heaven and hell?