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Man Walks Across The Fallout Games

Reader Conor, the same guy who walked all the way across the Grand Theft Auto series, has decided to do the same thing with the 3D Fallout games. Because fast travel is for suckers.


Traversing Fallouts 3, New Vegas and 4, he mostly walks, but where necessary jogs and swims to cut a path diagonally across the longest part of each game’s map.

It’s not a short trip, nor is it an easy one; despite the timelapse effect, you can still see many times where he’s had to pull out a gun and take on enemies standing directly in his path.

For reference, there wasn’t too big a difference in the time required to traverse each map. Fallout 4 took 56 minutes, New Vegas took 69 minutes and Fallout 3 took 71 minutes.

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56 minutes to get across the map? Fuck that’s super tiny. I’m going to cancel my pre-order, I’m going to complain about it loudly on the Internet, and I’m going to issue death threats against the developers because I wasn’t given 10 more square miles that I’m entitled to.

- some gamers