Man Vs. Dog: Personal Trainer: Walking Grudge Match

Personal Trainer: Walking may be built for humans, but the game also supports tracking your dog's movements as well.

The game comes with two digital pedometers, and it suggests clipping one on to your dog's collar to monitor its walking habits. Of course, I had to turn that into a challenge.


Last week I measured the walking habits of myself and Tristan's puppy Chihuahua mix for a single day to see which of us walked around more in a given 12 hours or so.

It wasn't really much of a challenge since I spend much of my day parked in my seat in front of a computer and Littlefoot spends most of his... I don't know, chasing his tail or something.

I was surprised to discover that I actually managed to walk more than 7,000 steps in my day, despite a whole buncha sitting about typing. Littlefoot blew me away with more than 19,000. Funny enough, his spikes of running around seem to come right after his periods of rest and coincide with my running around. I wonder if that was me waking him up and chasing him around the house? Hmmmm. Could be.

It is kinda cool tracking your dog's movements. It's like Walking gives you a glimpse into the secret lives of your pets.


But despite his triumph in our walking grudge match, having to wear a collar with a pedometer strapped to it for the day did not amuse Littlefoot.

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