user Oddler set out to marathon a chunk of the Resident Evil franchise for 72 hours, boasting no sleep in the title of his stream.

But after 65 hours of playing, he just couldn't handle it anymore. So he slips off into what looks like a pleasant snooze seated at his chair while the chatroom bursts and roars with laughter. Roughly an hour later Oddler wakes up and heads into his bedroom for sleepytimes, inciting more laughter from onlookers.


Oddler, that champ, is still at his livestream right now, which you can head over and watch. It's in overtime, probably to make up for that nap.

Update: Oddler chimed in to say that he not only got up and wandered off to his bedroom, but he actually sleepwalked there. Poor guy. Give him a hand. And a pillow.

Oddler - How Did I Get Here? [YouTube uploaded by UnknownGamer101 via Reddit]

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