Man Switches Countries During Pro Tournament, Causes Mass Shitstorm

Jatt, a League of Legends player at the recent World Cyber Games qualifiers, has upset more than a few of his competitors after switching allegiances halfway through the tournament.

He began the qualifiers representing a Canadian team. Yet when they were eliminated, he took advantage of his dual US/Canadian citizenship to promptly change teams, moving to an American outfit who would go onto win the whole thing and qualify for the World Cyber Games.


When people complained about the switch, his team was disqualified. Thing is, it was the Canadian team that was kicked out. The one that had already lost.

Pissed-off gamers and fans are making all kinds of allegations over the event, up to and including more scandalous accusations of cheating, but for a concise run-down of the official statements and events, check out the link below.

CDE vs. Dignitas – controversy hits World Cyber Games' League of Legends competitive scene [Games Radar, thanks Akaru!]

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