The Future has Arrived: Print Your Own Mechwarrior Toys

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You can't buy this six-inch tall, posable Atlas battlemech from any toy or collectible maker, and it isn't a Comic-Con exclusive. It's exclusively from the 3D printer of a Mechwarrior fan.

The Atlas has (by my count, anyway) 11 points of articulation, and creator Valcrow says that from the torso up, just two parts were glued together, meaning he built much of it to snap into and out of place. That's to give the thing interchangeable weapon mounts on the sides of the body.

"The biggest challenge was keeping the integrity of the atlas design while making the joints operational in a physical model, coupled with the limitations of FDM printing," writes Valcrow.


"Head printed at 75 micron layer as opposed to 150 for the rest. shines a bit differently.. kinda like hair," he writes. I have no idea what that means but it looks damn good. Many more images at the link.

6" Tall Posable Atlas [Mechwarrior Online]

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Man, somebody better get in on the ground floor of 3D printed toys... that shit's gonna be both awesome and a legal furball of epic proportions.