Man Sings Tribute to Mario's Creator. No, It's Not Creepy.

Well not that creepy (kidding! sorta!). YouTube user WyldStallynsGames really likes Shigeru Miyamoto. He likes him so much that he wrote a ballad for him. No, he wrote a power ballad.


On YouTube, WyldStallynsGames explains why he wrote this tune.

"It was through the work of Shigeru Miyamoto that I discovered my own passion: creating moving and meaningful video games that can cause others to grow and discover as well. I can only hope to touch one person's life the way that Mr. Miyamoto has touched mine."


This is heart-on-your-sleeve kind of stuff, which is sometimes good and sometimes awkward. It's usually sincere, though.

Fan Creates an Original Song [ZeldaInformer]

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I always wondered if someone like Miyamoto were to die today would the world give a shit.

I mean I'm sure there would be some online tributes from fans but would we see it on the news? Would there be any mainstream respects given?