You know that photo of the "so lonely" dude who was photographed on the Tokyo subway with his hug pillow? Well, he now seems to have a Chinese rival.

That Japanese guy is called "Nisan" (兄さん or "big brother") and is often seen in Akihabara, Tokyo's gaming and geek district. Many believe Nisan's schtick is an act and a cry for attention. Still, he even got international (and controversial) press coverage back in 2009 that seems to have inspired an episode of 30 Rock. Nisan's companion was a hug pillow. This guy's? This guy's is a blow-up doll.

These photos recently popped up on Chinese bulletin board QQ (via Japanese bulletin board 2ch) and show a gentleman in Chongqing, riding the subway with his inflatable companion. Doing things like changing outfits on the train, it sure seems like he was trying to draw attention to himself—and his friend. He also seems to be doing something else.


Online in China, people seem to think the whole display was "unreal", disgraceful, and gross, with some adding that this guy just wants internet fame. Well, looks like he'll get that.


杨家坪上车 [QQ via 2ch]