Man Quits Job To Focus On Buying Dragon Ball Merch

Screenshot: Guinness World Records

You might love Dragon Ball. You might be a big fan. But you do not have more Dragon Ball merch than Hitoshi Uchida.

For example, one room in his house is dedicated entirely to Goku and filled with 4,000 Gokus! That’s not even the full extent of his collection.

Screenshot: Guinness World Records

“I quit my job in order to attempt this record,” Uchida says in the official Guinness World Records clip marking his feat.

A fan since he was a kid, Uchida really wanted to meet Goku’s voice actor Masako Nozawa. He figured that attaining this record would make that possible. “By attempting that record, even if I throw my life away, my wish to meet Masako Nozawa is really strong right now.”

While he has yet to meet Nozawa, Uchida was invited to Kameha Con in Texas, which he describes as a memorable experience.

What’s the total tally? Uchida’s entire collection contains 10,098 different Dragon Ball items. That’s over 9,000!

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