Man Makes Excellent Gundam Themed Masks

Illustration for article titled Man Makes Excellent Gundam Themed Masks
Screenshot: Gekidan

Usually, cosplay builder Gekidan makes helmets and armor. These are not usual times, and recently, he’s been making Gundam-themed masks.


When he ventured outside in the Mobile Suit Gundam mask, Gekidan used the hashtags #自作マスク (“self-made mask”) and #ウィルス対策 (“virus countermeasure”). Its design appears to be the most functional.

Gekidan isn’t only making Gundam themed masks. Here is a Getter Robo mask. 


For more cosplay props, check out Gekidan’s Twitter. 

Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored six books, including most recently, The Japanese Sake Bible.



These are bloody slick yeah. This is one time I actually wish something was all style and we didn’t need the functionality. Ugh.