Man Learns To Drive On PlayStation, Arrested After Police Chase

Englishman Adam Jones, 24, doesn’t have a driver’s license. He’s never even sat a license exam. So when he was arrested last week by police for driving at over 100mph through the town of Grantham, his excuse was that he had “learned to drive on his Playstation.”


As ITV reports (via Boing-Boing), Jones was arrested after he had “caused thousands of pounds worth of damage” to parked cars in the town, his speedy escape stopped by a stinger spike system like this:

He was sentenced to 12 months prison this week, the Judge saying:

You said you ‘Only learnt to drive on a Playstation game.’ You were driving like a Playstation game. You drove as fast as you could as if in a video or playstation game without any care for those around you.

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Me, I learned surgery from Surgeon Simulator 2015!

...Now I can never return to California.