Man Hit By SUV While Playing Real-Life Frogger

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A 23-year-old man was hit by a Lexus SUV Monday while trying to play a real-life version of Frogger across a South Carolina highway, police say.

The man, who's name was not released, was listed in stable condition at an area hospital, according to WYFF 4 news.

Clemson police chief Jimmy Dixon told the station that the man and his friends were talking about playing Frogger and that prior to being hit by the Lexus the 23-year-old shouted "Go!" and darted into traffic.


No word on whether his buddies made it to the logs.

Police: Man Hit By SUV During 'Frogger' Game [WYFF 4, thanks Kyle and Papsky]

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David Green

I know it's rude and cynical for me to say this, but good. Seriously, fuck these morons that do shit like this.

But on a completely unrelated note: both you and Brian Ashcroft should totally team up for a weekly column on what games people should or should not buy called "Should you buy? With Bri and Bri" (or would it be spelled "Bry" to get that had "I" sound?). In any event, it'd be awesome.