Man Guilty of Stabbing Wife After PS3 Argument

This week, a British court convicted Aymen Korbi, 21, of grievous bodily harm for stabbing his wife.

Back in November 2011, a dispute broke out in their home in England after Korbi's wife threatened to leave him. The previous night, the couple had an argument over how much time Korbi spent on playing his PS3. His wife, Aida, threatened to leave with their 1 year-old daughter, but Korbi smashed a bedroom mirror.


"He found the sharpest bit of the mirror and came towards me, saying if I was going to leave he'd kill me," Aida told the court. "I felt my back go funny. That's when I realized I had been stabbed."

Police discovered Korbi, covered in blood, in a neighborhood park. He admitted his crime, but later denied it. According to Aida, her becoming upset with Korbi's incessant gaming was an indication that she "couldn't take the arguments anymore" and he was "unable to change his ways".

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