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Man Gets Sick Of Playing Xbox, Asks To Go To Prison

Illustration for article titled Man Gets Sick Of Playing Xbox, Asks To Go To Prison

You'd think a 19 year-old convicted criminal would be happy to avoid jail in favour of home detention and the chance to get some gaming done, but nope, not in the case of this unnamed New Zealander.


Having already served ten months of an eleven month sentence for an undisclosed crime, the man called his local police station and told them that, because he "had run out of Xbox games to play", he was in danger of breaking his parole conditions if he wasn't locked up.

The cops duly obliged, and he's spending the last month of his sentence Xbox-free in the slammer.


Man sick of playing Xbox on home detention asks for jail [New Zealand Herald, thanks Brent!]

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A Bottle of Sunny D

I think this brings up an interesting question:

How long would you be able to play your current collection of games before you get bored? To make it simpler, let's just stick with your main platform. For me, I think I may be able to last quite awhile on my 360. For just the past three months I have almost played nothing but Soul Calibur 5, I'm addicted to the character creator.