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When your loved ones are down, you'll do anything to cheer them up and make them laugh. For 50 year-old Hu Han-yan, getting his father's spirits up meant one thing: a Hello Kitty haircut.


According to Taiwan's TTV News, the man's 84 year-old father was feeling ill before the spring festival. Hu, a successful businessman with 14 kids, wanted to bring a smile to his dad's face. He picked Hello Kitty because his kids like character—and because it's youthful.

"A 50 year-old man making his father cracking up like that, it's great," said the father.


The haircut cost TWD$1,000 or US$34 and took 2 hours. Strangers giving thumbs-up on the street? Priceless.

Hello Kitty is popular throughout Asia. A fleet of Hello Kitty planes recently launched in Taiwan.

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