A chat log in which a Chinese gamer discussed his one-night stands has gone viral in China. In the chat log, the gamer dished on sleeping with several female guild members. The gamer was asked, "So you switched servers and came into our guild just to do our girls?" His reply was simply, "For the Alliance."

In the chat, the player who had the one-night stands pointed out that it was consensual and between adults. The WoW gamer did not reveal the names of the females in his guild, and it's possible that the story isn't even true.

According to TechInAsia, the phrase "For the Alliance" has entered meme territory. The story was posted on QQGames, one of China's largest gaming sites. "Wow, what a badass response," wrote one commenter. "Fighting for the Alliance both online and off," wrote another. "All Alliance players should support this."

Not all are. True or not, the incident is shining a light on how female gamers are perceived in China. As TechInAsia notes, some of the comments are incredibly sexist. Doozies like this from a commenter in Guangxi, "I'd dare to say that any girl who plays games all day is a mess and smokes cigarettes. If you treat girls in the game as prostitutes it's fine, but don't take them at face value; they act very innocent in the chat but their professional skills under the sheets are world-class."

And that's a pretty shitty thing to say! Loads of guild members become very close, whether that's guys sleeping with girls, girls sleeping with guys, guys sleeping with guys, or girls sleeping with girls. What people do offline (or whom they do) shouldn't be used by others in an online smear.


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