Man Drops Nintendo Switch On Concrete 11 Times, For Science

What did you do with your brand new Nintendo Switch when it arrived in the mail? Did you rip the box open and pop in Zelda? Did you lick the cartridges? Did you, perhaps, repeatedly drop it on concrete?


YouTuber Brandon Baldwin (GimoSlip) did. For nine minutes. It hurts to watch. But now we know that, if you’re a big klutz, your Switch can survive about 11 drops from five feet.

This is sort of GizmoSlip’s thing—stress-testing expensive hardware through liquid nitrogen, guillotines and Flubber. Still, on the Switch’s day-one release this is so hard to watch. At least we know?

Senior reporter at Kotaku.



What the fuck does he even say in the first three seconds of the video?

“What’s up mublublughl GizmosSlip.”