Man Dressed As Super Mario Arrested For Groping Woman In Times Square

As a general rule, you probably shouldn't grope people without their permission. But if you're going to grope people without their permission, you really shouldn't do it while wearing a Super Mario costume.

Damon Torres, a 34-year-old street performer who solicits money by wearing costumes and posing for pictures in New York City's Times Square, was arrested last night for groping women. As the AP reports, he grabbed a 58-year-old woman's thigh. Or, as the Daily News reports, he "touched her private parts," according to one security guard. Also he was dressed up as Mario.


Shortly after the incident, Torres was arrested. He was charged with assault and marijuana possession. Feel free to insert your own joke about mushrooms, princesses, Mario Party, or anything else you can think of.

Completely unrelated and inadvertently hilarious: this tweet by Nintendo of America, also from last night:


Whoops. Poor Mario.

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