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Man Decides PS3 More Important Than Truck Payments, Now In Jail

Quick: Your automobile or the PS3? Make a decision and pronto.

Nicholas Stanfield. a 24-year^old Sacramento man, chose the PLAYSTATION 3. On December 17, a 911 call was placed about the carjacking of Stanfield's Dodge Ram truck. Police responded and found Stanfield with a bruised face and torn shirt.

According to Stanfield, he was walking to his truck when he was assault by two men. They took his keys and made off with the truck.


In the insurance claim, Stanfield stated there was over US$4,000 worth of personal property in the truck. He also asked for payment for the truck — including the $20,000 in customization he had sunk into it.

Something was fishy, and Sacramento detective Bryce Heinlein discovered the man had totally fabricated the carjacking and asked his two friends to beat him up to fake the attack. Stanfield confessed.


His motivation for faking the carjacking was financial: He had missed his November and December truck payments. However, during the holidays, he shelled out $500 for a PS3 for a Christmas present...for himself.

He was sentenced by Judge David De Alba to 120 days in the county jail and four years of probation for filing a false police report and fraudulent insurance claim after being convicted by a jury.


Man gets 120 days for fake police report, insurance claim [The Sacramento Bee Thanks, Yuu!] [Pic]

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