Man Convicted in 2004 Xbox Murders Wants New Trial

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One of the more gruesome collisions of crime and video games happened on August 6, 2004, when four men broke into a home in Deltona, Florida and bludgeoned six people inside to death. The men reportedly went on their rampage, in part, to recover an Xbox that they claimed were taken from them after they were evicted from a house where one of them had been squatting.

Two years later, a jury found two of the men, Troy Victorino and Jerone Hunter, guilty of first-degree murder and handed down a death penalty. Now, like Victorino before him, Hunter's trying to get that sentence thrown out.


Hunter's appealed his sentence before, with the most recent result having his conviction upheld in a Florida high court. That appeal was based on the fact that Victorino and Hunter were tried together and attorneys argued that the latter should've been tried separately. This new appeal tries to call in question as to whether Hunter was competent to stand trial in the first place. A decision on the new appeal is expected at the end of the month.

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