Forty-seven year-old Youji Nishikawa of Moriguchi City, Japan is accused of allegedly committing 31 counts of burglary, totaling the equivalent of US$25,500. What was all that money for? Gundam, apparently.

"I'm from the Gundam generation," Nishikawa is quoted as telling authorities, referring to those who grew up on the mecha in the late 1970s and early 80s. "I used the stolen money to pay for gaming."

According to Sankei News and Yomiuri, the unemployed Nishikawa is a huge Gundam fan, who supposedly spent long stretches of up to five hours daily at his local arcade playing Gundam pod game Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield. Nishikawa loves the mecha franchise so much that he was apparently nicknamed "Gundam."

あだ名は「ガンダム」 ゲームのため31件窃盗繰り返す、無職47歳男を送検 [Sankei News]

大阪府内で空き巣を繰り返したとして、府警捜査3課は29日、大阪府守口市藤田町、無職西川洋二被告(47) [Yomiuri]

Pic: kqlsm/Shutterstock

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