Man Arrested for Stealing Super Rare...Stickers

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On April 16th, a 34 year-old male stole a total of 2,500 Bikkuriman stickers in Hokkaido, Japan. First going on sale during the 1980s, the Bikkuriman stickers are packaged with chocolate snacks.

Being around for so long means that certain Bikkuriman stickers are worth well over $1,000—just as some of the stolen stickers were. With no job and out of money, the suspect stole the stickers from his sticker collecting buddy.

Police are now investigating whether the charges of theft will, for lack of a better word, stick.


「ビックリマン」シールなど2500枚盗んだ疑い [Asahi]

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Shinji Ikari

Did someone say chocolate!?