Man Arrested For Stalking King of Fighters Voice Actress

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This week, Japan's Yomiuiri Newspaper reports that an unemployed 27-year-old man was arrested back in July for stalking and defaming voice actress Haruna Ikezawa.


The suspect, Hiroshi Sasaki, wrote defamatory comments on the voice actress's homepage and repeatedly send messages asking for a personal meeting, telling the voice actress to "come by herself" to Morioka City, where he lives.

Back in February, Ikezawa, known for voicing Athena in The King of Fighters and Momoka Nishizawa in Sgt. Frog, revealed that she had a restraining order against a stalker who she said followed her through the streets at night.


It's not confirmed whether this is the same individual.

Recently, a fan of voice actress Mai Kadowaki was arrested in an unrelated chase for threatening to kill Kadowaki's parents.

女性声優にストーカー、面会迫るメール [YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)via Anime News Network] [Pic]

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Mister Jack

I'm starting to feel bad for these voice idols. They get all these stalkers and people always look at them and go "Duh, she's not as hot as her character." Well no shit, it's a fictional moe girl. She was DESIGNED to be ideal. Seems like more and more these girls are just being judged by the roles they play.