Voice Actress Threatened, Man Arrested

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Glasses-wearing voice actress Mai Kadowaki is known for her voice work in the Konami anime Tokimeki Memorial Only Love and her work in games like console game Cross Edge and DS title Tales of the Tempest — among other titles.


Since last November, threatening letters have been sent to the 28-year-old's agency. A 26-year-old unemployed man in Fukuoka prefecture named Satoshi Yamazaki has been arrested on suspicion of sending the letters. According to the police, the letters contained threats like "I will kill your parents."

The suspect has admitted to writing the letters, stating, "I did it." He also claims to be a "Kadowaki fan".


人気声優を脅迫、無職の男逮捕~警視庁 [日テレNEWS24 via Anime News Network]

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"Glasses-wearing voice actress".. WTF!!! Why the need for that at all? Is it in her resume that she wears glasses.. why even point it out! Geez