Man Arrested, Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Up His School Via...MMO

18 year-old Thomas Frongillo from Oxford, England, has been arrested and charged with "threatening to commit a crime and threatening a bombing or hijacking" after being accused of leaving hostile messages in an online game run by Jagex, the publishers of Runescape.

While the game in question is not disclosed in a report on The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Frongillo - a student at a local police academy - is alleged to have typed "I'm shooting up my school tomorrow”, and also of having made anti-Semitic comments.


The comments in question were first picked up by Jagex employees last week, and quickly forwarded to local police.

Fongillo's lawyer says the comments were meant as a "harmless jest".

Oxford man charged in threat against college [The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, via Game Politics]

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