Man Allegedly Kidnapped And Tortured After Dating An Akihabara Maid

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Last August, the former manager of an Akihabara maid cafe was kidnapped and tortured after he had quit his job at the cafe without notice and was dating one of the maids. This, it seems, pissed some folks off.

A group of men involved with the cafe’s management allegedly forced the victim into a car and took him to an apartment in Edogawa, Tokyo. The former manager was beaten with a hammer over the course of two days. He suffered broken ribs among other serious injuries.

According to ANN News (via Sankaku Complex NSFW), six men with organized crime connections have been arrested. TBS adds that one of the suspects was a former yakuza member, while another was a company employee. The other four suspects were not mentioned.


ANN reports that the maid cafe in question was Idol Cafe at Neo, where the maids cosplay in a variety of outfits.

The victim, it seems, escaped his captors, which was how this incident was discovered. The six men are denying the charges and are reported as saying, “We did not force him into the car against his will.”

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Sooo they don’t deny severely beating him but instead are saying he got in to the car of his own accord? Because that makes it better somehow? Good grief.