Man Accused Of Luring Kids In Minecraft And LoL

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Seattle man Andrew Hartung, 34, is facing charges of sexually exploiting a 12 year-old boy - and is also suspected of "soliciting nude photos from other young boys" - using two of the world's biggest video games.


Hartung - who has previously been convicted of possessing a child pornography collection - befriended the boy across both Minecraft and League of Legends, but detectives have identified at least two other boys he had been communicating with across the games as well.

Having sent him gifts, Hartung is accused of then trying to arrange to meet the boy in Colorado.

The boy thought he had met a new "best friend", until action by another boy's parents revealed who Hartung really was.

Hartung was required by law to declare his prior sex offender conviction, but had failed to do so and had been living "without registration" since 2002.

"Since that time, the defendant has groomed children across state lines via the Internet enticing them with expensive gifts, electronics, money and cigarettes in exchange for photographs of their genitals," Senior Deputy Prosecutor Cecelia Gregson says.

"Of note," she adds, "[Hartung] was residing in an apartment complex brimming with children – one he would not likely have been able to reside at if he had complied with his obligation to register as a sex offender."


Reminder: if you've got kids, educate them on online communication.

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I'm sorry to say this, actually I'm not sorry, you can't rehabilitate pedophiles. How many children are going to have to become these pervert's victims until people will get that through their heads? How many children could have been helped if child molestation carried longer sentences and wasn't an offense eligible for parole? Our legal system helps to breed these vile beings by letting them go out and continue to offend, in turn creating more or themselves. This is a crime arguable worse than murder. One life is ended in a murder (usually). With child molestation the victims sadly go on to become offenders themselves more than 70% of the time. In other words, a murder that creates more murderers. I yearn for the day that a child spends the rest of his life behind bars or at least one hour unprotected with general population in prison.