Man Accused of Hacking an MMO, Then Stealing the MMO, Then Building His Own Clone

Dutch national Anil Kheda, 24, has been indicted by US Federal authorities for hacking an online game, bringing it down, stealing its code then setting up a cloned rival.

It's alleged Kheda attacked the online PC game Outwar (a text-based browser MMO) a few years back, at first knocking it out of action for a total of two weeks (over a nine month period), then stealing its code, establishing a rival game based on that code, and oh, also blackmailing the operators of Outwar.


Those alleged threats attracted the attention of the FBI, and Kheda now faces charges of conspiracy and extortionate interstate threats. Those two carry a combined maximum seven-year sentence if convicted of both.

Feds: Dutch man hacked Portsmouth company's online game [Seacoastonline]

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