Mall Craze Is A Shopping Mall Management Game

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I remember when I was younger, seeing games like Theme Park and Rollercoaster Tycoon, and wondering why nobody could do something like that only for my teenage spiritual home: the mall.


Sure, there have been some mall games, the best probably being Kairosoft’s Mega Mall Story, but none that have been as good or as fiddly as the giants of the genre.

So I’m very interested in Mall Craze, an upcoming PC management game that wants to really get into things, going beyond putting you in charge of just the building itself and letting you run each individual store as well.

Which isn’t terribly realistic, but it is probably very interesting, and I’ll take that trade-off if it all comes together.

Mall Craze is on Kickstarter but has already passed its funding goal, so you can check it out here.


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A Kickstarter game?

Excellent! I’ll be able to play the alpha, where it’s now a squad based FPS set in a mall, in late 2025!