Making the Case That Sonic the Hedgehog Is Way Overrated

All that love for the early Sonic The Hedgehog games may be very misplaced, according to some gentlemen who recently revisited them. They even go so far to say that they're fundamentally flawed.

This episode of Red Letter Media's Previously Recorded webseries takes aim at the first few Sonic titles, picking apart the origins of Sega's mascot and how, in the opinion of hosts Jack Packard and Rich Evans, the gameplay fails to live up to the hype. "Sonic will never be great because he never was great." Harsh.


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Freddie DeBoer

Here's what always bothered me about Sonic: the feeling that nothing I did mattered that much, because so much of the game was shot through via those springy pushers, various tubes, forced jumps.... I get why it was popular: after plodding around in Mario for hours and hours, it was exhilarating to play a game that fast. But the consequence of that kind of speed was that I never felt like I was really honing my abilities the way I did with Mario. I can't remember huge sections of the Sonic games because I was just shot out of a cannon past them. And it was rare that you got to those parts where you had to practice again and again to get it just right, which is part of the fun of platformers. The weird health dynamic with the rings also made the game seem kind of weightless.