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For years, Kenichiro Takaki has been making Senran Kagura games. These days, he says, doing so has increasingly become difficult.


Akiba Souken asked Takaki how development on recently announced PS4 game Senran Kagura 7Even was going.

“Recently, regulation of sexual depictions has gotten stronger globally and taking that into account, it’s been said [games] need to be made so that they don’t cause misunderstandings,” Takaki replied.


The Senran Kagura creator added that there are things that are now difficult to do in games, which is something he hasn’t experienced previously. Because of this, Takaki says that development is going to take time as it’s necessary to take everything into account when deciding which way to go.

Takaki added that stuff like Senran Kagura with noticeable depictions of sexualized content is part of a genre that is being clamped down on.

“But yet, because there are people who want to see that [kind of content] and there are those like us who want to make it, I’d like to think about how to skillfully navigate our way through this.”

This past October, publisher Xseed removed “Intimacy Mode” from the PS4 version of Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal at the platform holder’s request. In August, YouTube took down a Senran Kagura press conference for violating its policy on nudity and sexual content.

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