Making Bomb-Filled Video Game Maps Of Your School Is A Bad Idea

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Just because video games give you the tools to recreate your school as a battlefield doesn't mean you should use them. This morning five Louisville, Kentucky, middle school students learned this lesson the hard way.

The five Stuart Middle School students will be disciplined and could face felony charges after a teacher discovered a map detailing the possible placement of bombs on the school grounds earlier this morning. An email from the school district's public information officer Lauren Roberts explains that following the teacher's discovery the school was swept by bomb sniffing dogs. No explosives were found. She also notes that the map did not contain any sort of date for when a plan to bomb the school might go into effect.

The investigation is still in early stages, but Robert's email indicates that the map "may have been associated with a fantasy video game."


Video game or not, the five students will still be punished for terroristic threatening, with punishment including suspensions and the recommendation that the children be placed in an alternative school.

I know it's fun to imagine real-life buildings as video game levels, but unless the video game in question is rate E for Everyone, it's probably best to just let that dream go.

Five Stuart Middle School students face discipline over bomb map []

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nate venture

Yeah you really need to be careful about what you choose to create in what game. Let's say for example this was for Counter-Strike Source, and they were planning where points could be for the Terrorist forces to place bombs.

I can easily see how such a map could be taken out of context.

I know personally I would never use any part of my University or it's campus to create a map in a game like that.

But if I were to use the city it's in as a campaign in Left 4 Dead, that's a bit of a different story. Because unless someone thinks I plan on releasing a zombie virus and then "surviving" my way out of the city, there's not really a threat inherent within the idea.