Make Your Nerdy House A Nerdy Home With Mario, Donkey Kong Decals

Illustration for article titled Make Your Nerdy House A Nerdy Home With Mario, Donkey Kong Decals

Maker of high quality wall decals Blik has partnered with Nintendo to bring adhesive fun into the lives of kids, adult adolescents and good ol' regular adolescents everywhere with a new trio of officially licensed decorative stickers. Want to make your home office have a Donkey Kong inspired backdrop? You can! Blik is also offering premium decal sets based on Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros., transforming your den or bedroom into a magical Mushroom Kingdom wonderland—while pissing off your wife!


At $75, they aren't on the cheap side, but as I always say, you can't skimp on quality when it comes to wall stickers based on classic Nintendo characters. If you're looking for something less pricey, perhaps the Blik Space Invaders decals (only $45!) will scratch that video game sticker itch.

Nintendo Wall Graphics [blik]



Great... My girlfriend and I are both avid gamers... 1 wall must remain white as I have a projector... this is the only thing keeping me from painting our bedroom black and filling it with space invaders.

She will probably want the Mario ones. I wouldn't mind the retro mario ones with the Luigi from the New SMB ones (Luigi is my favorite character in Mario)