Make Way DS, PSP and iPhone, Here Are 10 Windows Phone 7 Games In Action

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The $200 Windows Phone 7 telephones launching on November 8 will be a new portable gaming option, the first one compatible with aspects of Xbox Live. Here are eight 10 of the "launch wave" titles. Should Nintendo, Apple and Sony quake? Update: Two games added.


A note about the phones in the following videos. The HTC is a surround-sound phone launching in November. The Samsung is a prototype phone, not an official product.

One of the most promising games is this top-down action role-playing game called Harvest, which Microsoft has been showing since they unveiled the Windows Phone 7's gaming strategy earlier this year.

Here is Need For Speed Undercover, one of EA's first launch games and one of the games, along with Harvest, had longer-than-ideal load times.

Finally, this is a round-up of six more games: Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst, Rocket Riot, Guitar Hero 5, The Sims 3, ilomilo, and Bejeweled Live. (I only sing during one of the games.)

Update: Two more games added here courtesy of our Gizmodo buddies. One of the games includes one with nice tilt-activated 3D graphics

All of the games ran well and were responsive to touch and tilt commands. The screens on the demo phones were sharp. The biggest warning sign in this launch line-up is the load times. Most of the games started swiftly. But the more graphically intensive ones, such as Harvest, loaded slowly. That game required 40 seconds to boot up, which is a long time for a mobile game.

Windows Phone 7 games are integrated with Xbox Live. They each offer 200 Achievement points which count toward a player's overall gamerscore, tracked across phone, Xbox and PC.

T-Mobile and AT&T will both release phones that run the Windows Phone 7 platform. Kotaku, what do you thing? Do the games and the XBL support sway you?



Windows have phones now?!?! What happened to not giving a fuck what Apple does?