So, Windows 8 is out! I've got something substantial written up on the new OS for gamers that'll go live when they drag our servers out from the depths of the ocean, but in the meantime, if you've already got Windows 8 and are struggling to make any practical use of the Start screen, try this out.

It's a program called Tile Creator (image from Reddit), and it lets you mess around with the number, and type, of applications you can pin to the new OS' splash screen. For most of you, that'll mean pinning your Steam games to it, so you can boot them up as soon as Windows 8 loads.


I normally skip past this screen as quickly as possible in order to get to the desktop, but now that this is around, I may just stick around. It does look rather pretty.

The program was created by XDA dev Argony-OT, and you can get it below.

[APP] OblyTile - Tile Creator for all programs [XDAdev, via Reddit]

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