Make-A-Wish Kid Designs GameStop's Holiday Gift Card

Illustration for article titled Make-A-Wish Kid Designs GameStops Holiday Gift Card

If it looks like GameStop's 2009 holiday gift card was designed by a 12-year-old, that's because it was.


GameStop is donating $1 from every gift card purchased this holiday season to the Make-A-Wish foundation (up to $100,000), and they've gotten wish recipient Emily Adkins to pitch in with her own original artwork.

"During the holidays, we have a lot of parents and grandparents who want to buy games as gifts, but they aren't quite sure which title would be the right one," said Dan DeMatteo, chief executive officer for GameStop. "By selecting a gift card, gift givers can be assured the gamers on their lists will be thrilled, and they have the added bonus of helping a worthy charity like the Make-A-Wish Foundation."


Nice work Emily. I'd say I could do better, but that would be a) cruel and b) likely untrue.

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You know, this kid actually achieves something through the act of creation that will be seen by thousands of people — and a bunch of you douches can only make fun of her and the fact that she's dying.

You're simply pathetic. There is nothing funny about your comments - they're not witty, nor intelligent. You have achieved so little in your life that you have to pick on a 12yo dying girl to feel some level of achievement? wtf!