Make A Monster Profit With This PSP Game

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Tomorrow in Japan, arguably this year's most eagerly awaited game, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, goes on sale. It's retail price is ¥5,800 (US$69). Buy it and make a profit.


At least one store is offering ¥8,000 ($95) for unused copies of the game. Other used game shops are expected to pay retail or close to retail for the game and copies could flood online auction sites.

Tomorrow morning, many large game chains are opening early for the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd launch. Sales should be high, and acquiring the game could prove difficult for those who don't have pre-orders or don't line up early.


While not as popular abroad, Monster Hunter is currently one of the most beloved gaming franchises in Japan.

『モンハンP 3rd』 買取価格8000円のお店登場、早くも品薄か!? [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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I have a question...

This series looks interesting but I never had the time to check up on it and give it a go. They are on my "To Play" list, just really low.

Is this similar to the monster Hunting in FFXII, only of course better?