Make a Live-Action Ni No Kuni Movie, Please?

Considering how game developer Level-5 collaborated with anime studio Studio Ghibli, I guess the logical thing would be to ask for an animated Ni No Kuni. Screw that.

A new series of Ni No Kuni commercials starring child star Mana Ashida hint at just how stunning a live-action feature, one that mixes people and animation, could be.


Level-5 has already done animated versions of its other games, such as Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven. If only someone could convince them to meld live actors with green screens. Maybe you?

二ノ国 白き聖灰の女王 [Official Site]

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While a live action adaptation would be cool I still think I'd prefer Myazaki's art style over real life people, even some one as adorable as Mana.

Then again, if there is any one country that can make an anime or JRPG inspired movie and not fuck it up it's Japan since they don't need to change everything to get the people who would see the movie in the fist place to see the movie in the first place.