You've had a year to play Gears of War 3 and you still haven't found all the Easter eggs. During the Gears of War panel yesterday at DragonCon in Atlanta, lead level designer Jim Brown teased a submersible secret, and told us of the drunken Dizzy Easter egg that didn't make it in.

After a presentation of Gears of War: Judgment from Brown and Epic president / DragonCon gaming track co-director Mike Capps, members of the packed audience lined up to grill the pair on the 2013 title and those that came before it. One fan asked of Brown's favorite Easter egg, and the designer mentioned the secret no one had found yet. He was going to gloss over it, but Capps prompted him to spill.


"Well, you know the Beatles song 'Yellow Submarine'?" Brown asked pointedly. I'd start looking underwater if I were you.

Capps spoke of an Easter egg of sorts that fans never saw. At one point during development, code was slipped in that recognized player names. Specifically, CliffyB. If the name was detected, all damage against the player was multiplied four times. For a couple weeks, one major game creator was convinced there was something seriously wrong with Gears 3's balance. The code's still in there, but they assured the crowd they would never, ever use it.

And finally we have the Easter egg that got cut. The one that would have made this man very happy.


In the Cove there was to be a secret that allowed Dizzy to spawn and snipe from the rooftops for you. As the scene continued, Dizzy, getting increasingly more wasted on Moonshine, would spout some truly horrible lines. "Drunk Dizzy has no filter," Brown said, at which point the Dizzy cosplayer in the audience got up and did a little jig.

Unfortunately they had not had the game rated for alcohol use, and they couldn't sneak it in as DLC without the mention.


But rest assured there are still fresh sights to see in Gears 3, even if they don't involve an even-dizzier Dizzy. Now fans have something to do until Judgment comes out.

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