Make a Game, Help Stop Teen Dating Violence

Can you create a game about teen dating violence without using violence?

That's the question that the Life. Love Game Design Challenge has been asking for three years now. The results have, over years, grown from simple flash games to meaningful works of interactive education and fiction.


February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month, it's also the kick off for the fourth annual Life. Love. Game Design Challenge sponsored by Jennifer Ann's Group.

The flash design contest challenges developer and budding developers to create a game that deals with teen dating violence without using any violence in the game.

This year's winner will receive $3,500. Second will receive $500. Third $250. One random entry will be give a $100 door prize.

The contest runs through May 29 with the winners announced June 15. Judges for the design competition include myself, publisher and editor Simon Carless, author Elin Stebbins Waldal and psychologist Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson. The complete list of judges will be released later this month.


The group's founder, Drew Crecente, is my brother. His daughter, Jennifer Crecente, was murdered by a classmate the day after Valentine's Day, 2006.


Check out the official site for all of the rules and details. You can also check out previous year's winners, which includes the evocative "Grace's Diary" and "A Decision of Paramount Importance".

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