Major Retailers Rally Behind the MOGA Android Controller Solution

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Due out October 21, PowerA's MOGA Android game controller system has caught the eye of plenty of mobile developers, but it's also got the attention of retailers, with more that 7,000 stores prepared to carry the $49.99 device come launch day. Who'd have thought it'd be showing up at Toys 'R' Us?, and — those I can see, but Toys 'R' Us seems like an odd place to see an add-on controller solution for Android smart phones. Not only will the MOGA be sold at Toys 'R' Us, it will be on demo at retail locations as well, along with select Best Buy and T-Mobile locations.


"As the ultimate destination for kid-friendly electronics, Toys'R'Us is pleased to add MOGA to our growing assortment of innovative gaming options," said Joe Campos, Toys 'R' Us electronics buyer for the U.S. via official press release. "With the holiday season fast approaching, MOGA is sure to make a great gift for young gamers on the go, allowing them to turn almost any of their Android devices into an amazing game system."

Now don't think of this as Toys 'R' Us aiming the MOGA strictly at the youth market—I prefer to think they still consider me a young gamer on the go.

The MOGA hits retail on October 21, with T-Mobile getting it in November because they are slow.

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I don't understand the appeal of products like this.

People don't want a 3DS or Vita because their phones can supposedly provide a gaming experience that's "good enough". One of the main reasons people don't want a handheld game system is because they have "one less device to carry", and yet they want to carry an extra device to attach to the primary device?

It just makes absolutely no sense to me at all.