Major Minor's Majestic March Sold 600 Copies In First Two Days

New Wii rhythm game seems to have the all the ingredients for a music game hit: The reuniting of PaRappa The Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura and PaRappa artist Rodney Greenblat.

The duo also worked on the groundbreaking PlayStation title UmJammer Lammy.

Their latest offering, marching title Major Minor's Majestic March, was released April 24. The game did not make the Media Create weekly top fifty for the 4/20 - 4/26 sales week. According to Japanese site Do Blog, the game didn't get anywhere near the top fifty.


It apparently sold only 600 copies in its first two days on sale. Matsuura has had low sales before — PaRappa sold only 35,000 in its first month. Word of mouth caused that game to ultimately become a smash hit. Three hundred copies of the game were given out to V-Jump readers; however, those numbers should not factor into weekly sales.

We've compared the Do Blog sales tallies with the Media Create ones, and there is a discrepancy between the numbers: Some are lower, some are higher.

ゲームソフトランキング2009年04月20日~04月26日 [ドぶろぐ via チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]

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