Major Comic Talent Brings Rage To The Page

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Crack open a case of ammo and take to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of id Software's Rage, you'll be able to crack open a comic book to uncover a dark secret of the game setting with Dark Horse Comics' Rage miniseries.


The three-issue Rage comic book series tells the story of one woman's struggle to uncover lies being fed to the remnants of humanity by global military dictatorship The Authority.

Developed with the participation of the game's creative director, Tim Willits, Dark Horse has tapped some top-notch talent to bring the asteroid-ravaged planet to life. The series is written by Rex Mundi creator Arvid Nelson, for starters. Interior graphics are being handled by Andrea Mutti. who's done some amazing work for DC's Vertigo line and many others.


And then there are the covers, lovingly crafted by Hellblazer and Preacher cover artist Glenn Fabry. Fabry's work alone will make this series a must-own for at least one comic book fan currently sitting in my computer chair.

Look for the series to kick off with issue one on June 22. Then look for Rage to hit the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 on September 13.

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This has some kind of an awesome oldschool look.. :)