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It's okay to work all night and sleep all day with Go Play Lumberjax, the first game in Majesco's new line of family friendly games for the Nintendo Wii.


Go Play Lumberjax is the first in the new Go Play line of games from New Jersey-based developer and publisher Majesco. According to Majesco VP of operations Gui Karyo, The Go Play brand was created to deliver "active, family friendly game experiences" on the Nintendo Wii, with "motion-based fun for everyone" the overarching goal.

Lumberjax itself is a competitive party game in which players chop, saw, and log roll their way to victory, much like real loggers do, only without having do deal with actual trees, which can be be real jerks. I'm not sure why Majesco decided to go with the strange spelling of Lumberjack, so I will just assume it's the way the younger generation of loggers call themselves.


Lumberjax will be launching Majesco's Go Play this spring, followed in the summer by the classic street games of Go Play City Sports, with Go Play Circus Star rounding out the line up in the fall. Each game also features support for the Wii Balance Board, further justifying the glorified bathroom scale's existence.

Now let's fill the comments section with witty suggestions for the next Go Play titles. I'll start! Go Play Doctor and Go Play In Traffic. Okay, your turn.

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