Infinite Warfare's Newest Easter Eggs Have Nothing To Do With Shooting Zombies

Screen capture of YouTube video by MrDalekJD.
Screen capture of YouTube video by MrDalekJD.

Shaolin Shuffle, the latest map for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode, has players performing some rather un-Call of Duty-like tasks in order to access all of its secrets. Tasks like playing an ersatz version of Candy Crush. Or even mahjong.


Released last week on PlayStation 4 and headed to Xbox One and PC next month, the “Continuum” map pack included, among other things, an epic Zombies mode experience set in a gritty 1970s New York City filled with undead donning giant hair and wide bellbottoms. As with previous Zombies modes, they also feature complex Easter egg quests, a series of hidden steps which are usually so difficult that they are solved by the entire community working together in tandem. The secrets conceal massive boss fights, badass weapon upgrades, and more storyline.

 Screen capture of YouTube video by MrDalekJD.
Screen capture of YouTube video by MrDalekJD.

Mahjong plays a surprisingly big part in the game. Ceramic mahjong tiles spawn all over the map, which you can pick up and put down anywhere you like. Some of the secrets require you to simply match similar tiles together for special equipment, like a sentry gun or a lava lamp.

But one big secret requires you to actually have knowledge of the rules of mahjong, finding tiles and assembling a winning hand. I’m not ashamed to say I needed YouTube to help me here.

If arcade games are more your fashion, all you have to do is die. No, really: Every time you bite it in Infinite Warfare’s Zombie games, you’re teleported to a magical arcade where you can play a number of games to recharge your soul and get back on the battlefield, shooting hoops and playing Skee-Ball for the right to live again.

There’s also an arcade machine called “Skull-Buster” inside a certain building; it’s broken but you can go through an elaborate series of steps to repair it. Once it’s up and running, you can teleport inside it to play a trippy retro game. Shaolin’s is similar to Candy Crush, matching groups of colors to bust the skulls and score points. This lets you unlock the very powerful Perkaholic, which instantly gives you all the perks currently on the map. It’s actually a fairly easy trick to pull off, at least compared to previous Easter eggs, and also grants you easier access to upgraded weapons. It’s definitely worth pulling off if you can.

And you thought Call of Duty was just about shooting people!


It sucks being the only one in a pick up group that is aware of these and actively trying to unlock them. All the randos I get paired with stop “advancing” once they’ve pack-a-punched their weapons. I cry every time they kill the last zombie and start a new round when I’m trying to unlock an easter egg.