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Magicka's PVP Trailer Is Gaming's Greatest PVP Trailer

The all wizard, all the time PC game Magicka got its promised dose of all-new player-versus-player combat this week, an event that demanded this trailer that demands your attention for its smart use of absolutely no gameplay whatsoever.


We've already seen gameplay, after all. So what we needed was Tarantino-inspired live action comedy, somehow still a refreshing surprise from the people who brought us Magicka, Magicka: Vietnam and Magicka: The Official Bathrobes.


My point? You really should buy Magicka if you haven't already.

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Ah. You have to be Swedish to get the Mr Pink reference. It's from a viking comedy series called "Home to Middle Earth" that was on TV for two seasons a few years back.

If you don't understand Swedish this you won't understand this, but this is the scene they're reffering to.


They're handing out code names to rob a shed full of gold coins, the ugly one gets to be Mr. Pink 'cause it's the ugliest color ever according to the chief, and the berserk is a slightly retarded and doesn't get the idea with code names.

[Arrowhead is a Swedish studio, so are Paradox]