Hollywood and games still seem to be figuring each other out — like two butt sniffing dogs. Sure, big name actors do game voice and mo-cap work (and have for a while now), but in the past, the two worlds have seemed very, very separate. As more big name talent and big name writers and big name directors get involved with game, the division seems to be rapidly eroding away. And let's not forget how gaming is eclipsing movies are the form of mass entertainment. Still, maybe actors have second thoughts about doing game work? Says Live Free or Die Hard's Maggie Q, who stars in game Need for Speed: Undercover:

I think there's just too much that we don't know about this world [games] that it's hard to say ‘Oh, you're doing that?' Because, guess what, this world, in its own right — in any right — is huge. ...There's no adverse reaction to what I'm doing... Everybody's kind of cool and in to it and happy for me.... It's honestly hard to judge a world that you don't know. I think for Hollywood and for the acting world... I was sort of like ‘Oh my gosh, what's this going to mean to me if I'm going to do a video game?' I sort of thought about it for a while. Everyone I've mentioned it to, honestly — actors, directors, producers, people I've worked with…I've just gotten back from a movie last week, and all the guys I worked with were like 'Where you going?' And I told them I was doing this game and they were like ‘Coooool!'


Maggie Q is even up for a film version of Need for Speed. Think I already saw that one, though — back when it was called The Fast and The Furious. Actress Maggie Q Disputes ‘Max Payne' Star's Dismissal Of Video Games [Multiplayer]

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