MAG Upgrades To Version 2.0

The 2.0 patch for Sony's MAG went live today, bringing with it PlayStation Move support and enough game tweaks and changes it could be considered a whole new game.

The full list of changes hitting in MAG patch 2.0 is huge. Developer Zipper Interactive has upped the level cap 60 to 70. There's a new in-game economy system in which players earn Credit Points for completing objectives. The skill tree has been revamped, with sweeping changes and new additions to every skillset. Weapons, gear, and apparel have all been tweaked and tuned. Bugs have been fixed.


On top of all of that, Sony's PlayStation Move peripheral is now fully supported in the game, giving a few more people reason to shell out $50 for the controller.

It sounds like there are plenty of reasons to return to MAG today. Who's going in?

Patch Alert: MAG 2.0 [The Official MAG Blog - Thanks HurricaneDJ]

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