Mafia III Is Seriously Glitchy

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I’m still working my way through Mafia III for our review, but I can tell you this much: It’s glitchy. Damn glitchy.


Certainly, there are things to like about Mafia III. New Bordeaux is a place I prefer to stroll, rather than drive, through, just to take it all in. It’s a shame, then, that inconsistent AI and instability that makes a car with hydraulic suspensions look like a damn baby cradle keep pulling me out of it. I’ve been playing on PC, and from the look of things, that’s where the game is the glitchiest. Other platforms, however, are hardly immune. Let’s take a look at just a few examples.

Ti Dunbar shared this clip of a glitch I also encountered. The mission started, but the car wouldn’t:

As CreativeCannon demonstrates, guard AI can be comically incompetent. This kind of thing isn’t even uncommon, is the worst part:

Beware, the runaway television, courtesy of atakawona:

OK, this one from SicK BuBBleGumZ is actually pretty cool:

Two-and-a-half Donovans? Sure, why not (via AngelLeliel):

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What janky open-world game would be complete without a random chance that faithful ol’ terra firma will slide out from beneath your feet like a wet old rug (via KeyLAN)?

And finally, here’s the mother of all Mafia III glitch videos from CrowbCat. It’s got a bit of everything: boats wrestling, mirrors revealing twisted alternate dimensions, men getting stabbed through walls, throw animations triggering long after you’ve thrown people, etc:

Dare I ask what sorts of glitches you’ve encountered in Mafia III?

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ok but seriously this is freaking me out