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As ridiculous as that headline sounds, think about it for a second. Yeah, there you go.


According to a report on VG247 developers 2K Czech, who released one of the prettiest but also one of the most boring open-world games of all time with Mafia II, are helping Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto V.

Remember, 2K are a Take-Two brand, and Take-Two is also Rockstar's publisher.

So just what areas do Rockstar need help? Or are getting it just for kicks? In "animations for cutscenes and general gameplay", it seems. What's more, the report claims it's a two-way street, with Rockstar "opening its secrets" to the Czech studio, with said secrets to hopefully make big improvements in the next Mafia game.


Which, the same report claims, is already in development, having been significantly retooled and rebuilt in the wake of Mafia II's mixed reception.

This kind of collaboration isn't as rare or as strange as it may sound, and with budgets increasing and expertise becoming more focused, it's only going to happen more and more often.

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